Tronix Defender is a funky Tower Defence game inspired by my love for all types of strategy games and all things 80s + 90s. It was in those days I fell in love with computer games and that passion still carries on today!

Tronix defender went through various stages of development but the long-term goal was always to release on Steam – although truth be told – had I released on my original run, the final game would have been a disappointment, Luckily since then I’ve spent several thousands-of-hours refining the game to a professional standard.

Main Game Features Include:

  • Pure passion project created because I love TD games!
  • 10 different enemy types each has different strengths
  • 10 tower types giving different ways to play
  • 10 original synthwave tracks from Time Slave Records
  • Unlockable procedural level generator for unlimited replays
  • Unlockable bonus game
  • 100% developed for PC and mouse control
  • Pure neon retro style graphics inspired by Tron and other classic 80s culture from my childhood!

You can find out more about the development of the game by watching this old video made over 3 years ago when the project started:

And this video was the original Steam Greenlight advert:

As you can see – the game concept has stayed pretty much the same, but graphics and usability have been greatly improved, and the soundscape by Time Slave Records has really enhanced the game feel – giving it that much needed polish.

If you haven’t seen it already you can check out the long promo video here:

The game is expected to release in November 2017 on Steam.

You can find out more on:

Shokizm Interactive made Tronix defender

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