TRONIX DEFENDER is a retro-styled arcade tower-defence game with randomised rooms and plenty of un-lockables.  

Features Include:

15 different enemies with different powers and strengths_

12 un-lockable towers – each with 3 levels of upgrade_

8 un-lockable play modes_

7 cool & original backing tracks with an 80s electro feel_

4 tile-sets in 4 pallets_

3 types of ‘goody’ units_

Randomised/procedurally generated levels_

No fixed paths_

Minimal instructions – enjoy the fun of figuring it out yourself!

A (not-so)secret bonus room for some extra fun for those who know what to look for…

All my 29 years of games playing-experience and love poured into a single fiery project that is TRONIX DEFENDER (ta-daaaa!)  

The game is made entirely by myself, Richard Newman, and it took me about 6 months working night-shifts at home after doing my day-job and then about 1 more month full-time (you gotta chase the dream right!?)… 

It’s my first 100% solo project but you can download another game I created with a colleague Nick Modern here (ice-exe) though as you’ll notice – it’s considerably less professionally coded than Tronix Defender – but still a fun blast.

My key reason for creating Tronix Defender was that I often get bored of playing TD games with the same old boring levels – a lot of them don’t even have levels and are happy to sit in just one room… Well, this made me realise that what was really needed was a tower defence game without fixed paths and with a chance to give a lot more replay-ability.Just over 7 months later I’ve managed to finally finish the project (with a big thanks to my girlfriend for putting up with the endless nights on the PC working away!).

Oddly enough, although I know my programming leaves a lot to be desired compared to the professionals, the hardest part for me was the graphics and audio. Eventually I found a style which allowed my not-so-amazing sprite skills to shine and with some clever particle effects I managed to get a look I’m really happy with – something inspired by Tron and other similar 80’s neon-goodness! 

The audio was even harder but in the end I used digital voice samples with multiple layering and effects to create most of the in super-retro game sounds and got some tips from my D&B producing mates on how to get the mixdown on the music sounding pro(ish)!   Anyway – for now that’s enough talking – check out some images and vids below so you can see what it looks like for yourself.

  a1 a2 a3 a4 a5 a6 a7 a8

and some links to the vids here:


Well – I hope you think the game looks good! Please follow the link below to vote for it on Steam GreenLight / GOG and help make my dreams a reality!   >>>insert links<<<